5 Reasons to List Your Home in the Winter

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Are you putting off selling your home until spring? Why wait? There are a number of advantages to putting your house on the market in the winter. 

  1. Low Inventory
    Following the trends we saw in summer and fall, inventory of homes for sale in Southeastern Wisconsin remains low, further driving the demand for housing. This makes it a perfect time to sell, no matter the season. 
  2. Low Interest Rates
    This is an exciting time for buyers! We saw record-low interest rates in 2020. This trend has continued into January, and buyers will use this financial opportunity to buy now– even in the colder months. 
  3. Online Home Search
    No matter the temperature, home buyers have instant access to property listings through the internet. Today, most buyers go online to search for homes, making it easier to buy homes any time of year. This has had an impact on the typical buying seasons. 
  4. Less Focus on Landscaping
    If you aren’t one for yard work, selling in the winter may be an advantage for you! Keeping your driveway and walkways clear of snow is a must for winter showings. Pops of color will draw in perspective buyers, so add a seasonal wreath and an evergreen potted plant near your front entry. 
  5. Motivated Buyers
    There may be less buyers compared to spring, but winter buyers are usually more motivated. If a buyer is making a trip to a house showing in the snow, they mean business. Chances are, winter buyers are working against a deadline (expiring lease or relocation). 

You have all these advantages on your side when selling your home in the winter. Plus, your Shorewest, REALTOR®  is prepared to help you every step of the way!

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One response to “5 Reasons to List Your Home in the Winter”

  1. Jennifer Todryk says:

    Want to sell to get away from bad neighbor but just refinanced to make home approvements. When should I put house up for sale? Wait a year like refinancing co said?

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