Winter Fixer Upper

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When you think of winter, home improvement is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. A blanket of snow means no new projects, right? This may be true for the outside of your home, but the inside is a different story. This winter, if you find yourself looking for reasons to stay inside and out of the snow, consider taking care of some of these home improvement projects that take place completely indoors!

Fresh Coat of Paint 

Did you know that winter is an ideal time to refresh the paint in your home? Thanks to the lower humidity levels of the season, paint is able to dry faster and more evenly. If you’re looking to banish the winter blues with this fresh look, choose warm, and inviting colors to up the cozy factor in your freshly painted room! 

Up Your Energy Efficiency 

Small fixes like installing weather stripping and sealing any cracks around doors and windows are a great and quick way to make your home more energy efficient! You’ll be grateful you took the time to make these changes when you start to see changes both in the temperature control of your home, as well as in your monthly energy bills in the long run. 

Cabinet Face Lift 

Changing the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom is the perfect way to give these rooms a fresh look! If you’re not interested in doing a total reconstruction, consider repainting or refinishing your cabinets for a different approach to this project. Changing out handles and knobs is also a great way to give your cabinetry a brand new look without breaking the bank! 

Hit the Lights 

Thanks to daylight savings, you’re sure to leave the lights on more frequently in the winter. Take this time to make your lighting the center of attention by updating the fixtures, bringing in new light sources and swapping your bulbs for a more energy efficient option like LEDs! 

Out with the Old

Winter is the perfect time to declutter and remove any unwanted items from your home. Going through closets, cabinets and storage will leave you feeling fully refreshed, providing you with ample space for reinventing your home! You could also consider donating any gently used or unused items to your local charities to give these belongings a new life! 


Winter might be a time to pause projects around the outside of your home, but inside it is the perfect time to get started on those seemingly smaller projects you might have been putting off. Not only will finishing these projects give you a sense of completion, but you will have a cozy, fresh and inviting space that will look good for years to come. What project will you tackle this winter?

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